Sixpenny Handley & Pentridge Parish Councillors

    The 10 councillors for Sixpenny Handley & Pentridge take an active interest in the local community. They represent the local people and if necessary work in partnership with them and others.

    Elections are held every four years most recently in May 2015.

    The administrative work of the Parish Council is carried out by the Parish Clerk, Ciona Nicholson, a part-time employee, to whom problems, concerns and suggestions may be referred. Individual Parish Councillors are, also, always pleased to help directly if they possibly can.

    Parish Councillors for Sixpenny Handley

    Cllr James Reed - 01725 516390 (Vice Chairman & Chairman Finance General Purposes Committee)

    Cllr Stuart Maclean - 01725 552910

    Cllr Andy Turner - 01725 552735

    Cllr Christian Baker-Smith 01725 552978

    Cllr Bea Boyland - 01725 552805

    Cllr David Adams - 01725 552284

    Cllr Gemma O'Brien - 01725 552467

    Cllr Rosalie Adams - 01725 553032


    Parish Councillors for Pentridge

    Cllr Colin Taylor - 01725 553148 (Chairman)

    Cllr Jane Henry - 01725 553036 (Chairman Planning Committee)

    Councillors Contact Details & Responsibilities:

    List of Councillors.pdf


    District & Country Councillors

    District Councillor (Handley Vale ) Cllr Simon Tong 01258 840061 or
    County Councillor (Cranborne Chase) Cllr Steve Butler 07920 054100 or

    Registration of Members Interests are available to view at