Meetings are normally held at 7:30pm in the Parish Office
    Unit 6 Town Farm Workshops unless otherwise stated
    If you wish to speak during public open session at any of the following meetings,
    please let the Clerk know on 01725 552211 or by emailing
     as meeting dates may be subject to change.
    SPH Annual Programme of Work April 2018.pdf

    Meeting Dates

    TBC - Planning Matters Committee Meeting 7:30pm 

    (additional applications to those listed on the agenda may be considered if received after publication - please contact us for confirmation) Planning Applications can be viewed on line at (planning application search).

    22nd November 2018 Full Parish Council Meeting 7:30pm Agenda Full 221118.doc


    6th December 2018 - Finance & General Purposes Committee Meeting 7:30pm 

    Members of Public are welcome to attend any of our Meetings and ask questions during the Public Open Session which is held before the Parish Council Meeting commences.

    Agenda & Minutes

    Minutes FGP 011118.pdf

    Agenda FGP 011118.doc

    Agenda Full 251018.doc

    Minutes FGP 041018.pdf

    Agenda FGP 041018.doc

    Minutes FULL 270918.pdf

    Agenda Full 270918.doc

    Minutes PLANNING 270918.pdf

    Agenda PLANNING 270918.doc

    Minutes FGP 060918.pdf

    Agenda FGP 060918.doc

    Minutes PLANNING 300818.pdf

    Agenda PLANNING 300818.doc

    Minutes Full 260718.pdf

    Agenda Full 260718.doc   

    Minutes PLANNING 260718.pdf

    Agenda PLANNING 260718.doc

    Minutes FGP 050718.pdf

    Agenda FGP 050718.doc

    Minutes Full 280618.pdf

    Agenda Full 280618.doc

    Minutes PLANNING 210618.doc

    Agenda PLANNING 210618.doc

    Minutes FGP 070618.doc

    Agenda FGP 070618.doc

    Minutes PLANNING 240518.pdf

    Agenda PLANNING 240518.doc

    Agenda AGM 240518.doc

    Agenda AGM 240518.doc

    Minutes FGP 030518.pdf

    Agenda FGP 030518.pdf

    Minutes FULL 260418.pdf

    Agenda FULL 260418.doc

    Minutes FGP 050418.pdf

    Agenda FGP 050418.doc

    Minutes FULL 220318.pdf

    Agenda FULL 220318.doc

    Minutes Annual Parish Meeting 210318.pdf

    Agenda Annual Parish Meeting 2018.doc

    Minutes FGP-PLANNING 080318.pdf

    Agenda PLANNING 080318.doc

    Agenda FGP 080318.doc

    Minutes FULL 220218.pdf

    Agenda FULL 220218.doc

    Minutes FGP-PLANNING 010218.pdf

    Agenda FGP 010218.doc

    Minutes FULL 250118.pdf

    Agenda FULL 250118.doc

    Minutes FGP 040118.pdf

    Agenda FGP 040118.doc

    Minutes FULL 211217.pdf

    Agenda FULL 211217.doc

    Minutes FGP 071217.pdf

    Agenda FGP 071217.doc

    Minutes FULL 231117.pdf

    Agenda FULL 231117.doc

    Minutes PLANNING 151117 (002).pdf

    Agenda PLANNING 151117.doc

    Minutes FGP 02 11 17.pdf

    Agenda FGP 021117.doc

    Minutes FULL 261017.pdf

    Agenda FULL 261017.doc

    Minutes PLANNING 191017.pdf

    Agenda PLANNING 191017.doc

    Minutes FGP 05 10 17.pdf

    Agenda FGP 051017.doc

    Minutes FULL 280917.pdf

    Agenda FULL 280917.doc

    Minutes FGP 07 09 17.pdf

    Agenda FGP 070917.doc

    Minutes FULL 240817.pdf

    Agenda FULL 240817.doc

    Minutes FGP 03 08 17.pdf

    Agenda FGP 030817.doc

    Minutes FULL 270717.pdf

    Agenda FULL 270717.doc

    Minutes FGP 06 07 17.pdf

    Agenda FGP 060717.doc

    Minutes FULL 220617.pdf

    Agenda FULL 220617.doc

    Minutes FGP 01 06 17.pdf

    Agenda FGP 010617.doc

    Minutes AGM 250517.pdf

    Agenda AGM 250517.doc

    Minutes FGP 04 05 17.pdf

    Agenda FGP 040517.doc

    Minutes FULL 270417.pdf

    Agenda FULL 270417.doc

    Minutes Annual Parish Meeting 200417.pdf

    Minutes FGP 06 04 17.pdf

    Agenda FGP 060417.doc

    Minutes FULL 230317.pdf

    Agenda FULL 230317.doc

    Minutes FGP 02 03 17.pdf

    Agenda FGP 020317.doc

    Minutes FULL 230217.pdf

    Agenda FULL 230217.doc

    Minutes FGP 02 02 17.pdf

    Agenda FGP 020217.doc

    Minutes FULL 260117.pdf

    Agenda FULL 260117.doc

    Minutes FGP 05 01 17.pdf

    Agenda FGP 050117.doc

    Minutes FULL 221216.pdf

    Agenda FULL 221216.doc

    Minutes FGP 011216.pdf

    Agenda FGP 011216.doc

    Minutes FULL 241116.pdf

    Agenda FULL 241116.doc

    Minutes FGP 031116.pdf

    Agenda FGP 031116.doc

    Minutes FULL 271016.pdf

    Agenda FULL 271016.doc

    Minutes PLANNING 271016.pdf

    Agenda PLANNING 271016.doc

    Minutes FGP 061016.pdf

    Agenda FGP 061016.doc

    Minutes FULL 220916.pdf

    Agenda FULL 220916.doc

    Agenda FGP 010916.doc

    Minutes FGP 010916.pdf

    Minutes FGP 040816.pdf

    Agenda FGP 040816.doc

    Minutes FULL 280716.pdf

    Agenda FULL 280716.doc

    Minutes FGP 070716.pdf

    Agenda FGP 070716.doc

    Minutes FULL 230616.pdf

    Agenda FULL 230616.doc

    Minutes FGP 020616.pdf

    Agenda FGP 020616.doc

    Minutes PLANNING 020616.pdf

    Agenda PLANNING 020616.doc

    Minutes AGM 260516.pdf

    Agenda AGM 260516.doc

    Minutes FGP 050516.pdf

    Agenda FGP 050516.doc

    Minutes PLANNING 050516.pdf

    Agenda PLANNING 050516.doc

    Minutes FULL 280416.pdf

    Agenda FULL 280416.doc

    Minutes FGP 070416.pdf

    Agenda FGP 070416.doc

    April 2015 - March 2016

    Minutes PLANNING 310316.pdf

    Agenda PLANNING 310316.doc

    Minutes FULL 240316.pdf

    Agenda FULL 240316.doc

    Minutes Annual Parish Meeting 230316.pdf

    Agenda Sixpenny Handley & Penridge Annual Meeting 23 March 2016.pdf

    Minutes PLANNING 100316.pdf 

    Agenda PLANNING 100316.doc

    Minutes FGP 030316.pdf 

    Agenda FGP 030316.doc

    Minutes FULL 250216.pdf

    Agenda FULL 250216.doc

    Minutes FGP 040216.pdf

    Agenda FGP 040216.doc

    Minutes PLANNING 040216.pdf

    Agenda PLANNING 040216.doc

    Minutes FULL 280116.pdf

    Agenda FULL 280116.doc

    Minutes PLANNING 140116.pdf

    Agenda PLANNING 140116.doc

    Minutes FGP 070116.pdf

    Agenda FGP 070116.doc

    Minutes FULL 171215.pdf

    Agenda FULL 171215.doc

    Minutes FGP 031215.pdf

    Agenda FGP 031215.doc

    Minutes FULL 261115.pdf

    Agenda FULL 261115.doc 

    Minutes PLANNING 261115.pdf

    Agenda PLANNING 261115.doc

    Minutes FGP 051115.pdf

    Agenda FGP 051115.doc

    Minutes FULL 221015.pdf 

    Agenda FULL 221015.doc

    Minutes FGP 011015.pdf

    Agenda FGP 011015.doc

    Minutes FULL 240915.pdf

    Agenda FULL 240915.doc

    Minutes PLANNING 240915.pdf

    Agenda PLANNING 240915.doc

    Minutes FGP 030915.pdf

    Agenda FGP 030915.doc

    Minutes FGP 060815.pdf

    Agenda FGP 060815.doc

    Minutes PLANNING 300715.pdf

    Agenda PLANNING 300715.pdf

    Minutes FULL 230715.pdf

    Agenda FULL 230715.doc

    Minutes FGP 020715.pdf

    Agenda FGP 020715.doc

    Minutes FULL 250615.pdf

    Agenda FULL 250615.doc

    Minutes PLANNING 250615.pdf

    AgendaPlanning 250615.doc

    Minutes FGP 040615.pdf

    Agenda FGP 040615.doc

    Minutes PLANNING 280515.pdf

    Agenda PLANNING 280515.doc

    Minutes AGM 210515.pdf

    Agenda AGM 210515.doc

    Minutes PLANNING 070515.pdf

    Agenda PLANNING 070515.doc

    Minutes FGP 070515.doc

    Agenda FGP 070515.doc

    Minutes FULL 230415.doc

    Minutes Annual Parish Meeting 210415.pdf

    Minutes FGP 020415.doc

    Agenda FGP 020415.doc

    April 2014-March 2015
    Minutes FULL 260315.doc
    Minutes COMMUNITY FUND 230315.doc
    Minutes FGP 050315.doc
    Minutes FULL 260215.doc
    Minutes PLANNING 190215.doc
    Minutes COMMUNITY FUND 100215.doc
    Minutes FGP 050215.doc
    Minutes FULL 220115.doc
    Minutes PLANNING 220115.doc
    Minutes FGP 080115.doc
    Minutes COMMUNITY FUND 080115.doc
    Minutes FULL 181214.doc
    Minutes PLANNING 181214.doc
    Minutes FGP 041214.docx
    Minutes FULL 271114.doc
    Minutes PLANNING 201114.doc
    Minutes FGP 061114.docx
    Minutes PLANNING 061114.doc
    Minutes FULL 231014.doc

    Minutes COMMUNITY FUND 231014.doc
    Minutes FGP 021014.doc
    Minutes FULL 250914.doc
    Minutes FGP 040914.doc
    Minutes FULL 280814.doc
    Minutes PLANNING 210814.doc
    Minutes FGP 070814.doc
    Minutes FULL 240714.doc
    Minutes PLANNING 170714.doc
    Minutes FGP 030714.doc
    Minutes FULL 260614.doc
    Minutes COMMUNITY FUND 260614.doc
    Minutes Planning 190614.doc
    Minutes FGP 050614.doc
    Minutes AGM 220514.doc
    Minutes FGP 010514.doc
    Minutes FULL 240414.doc
    Minutes COMMUNITY FUND 240414.doc
    Minutes Annual Parish Assembly 100414.doc
    Minutes FGP 030414.doc
    Statutory Agency Meeting 030414.doc

    April 2013 to March 2014
    Minutes FULL 270314.doc
    Minutes COMMUNITY FUND 270314.doc
    Minutes Planning 200314.doc
    Minutes FGP 060314.doc
    Minutes FULL 270214.doc
    Minutes FGP 060214.doc
    Minutes PLANNING 060214.doc
    Minutes FULL 230114.doc
    Minutes COMMUNITY FUND 230114.doc
    Minutes PLANNING 160114.pdf
    Minutes FGP 090114.doc
    Minutes FULL 191213.doc
    Minutes PLANNING 121213.doc
    Minutes FGP 051213.doc
    Minutes FULL 281113.doc
    Minutes FGP 071113.doc
    Minutes FULL 241013.doc
    Minutes COMMUNITY FUND 241013.doc
    Minutes PLANNING 101013.doc
    Minutes FGP 031013.doc
    Minutes FULL 260913.doc
    Minutes PLANNING 120913.doc
    Minutes FGP 050913.doc
    Minutes PLANNING 220813.doc
    Minutes FULL&FGP 150813.doc
    Minutes FGP 040713.doc
    Minutes PLANNING 270613.doc
    Minutes FULL 270613.doc
    Minutes PLANNING 130613.docx
    Minutes FGP 060613.doc
    Minutes AGM 230513.doc
    Minutes PLANNING 160513.doc
    Minutes FGP 020513.doc
    Minutes FULL 250413.doc
    Minutes PLANNING 250413.doc
    Minutes Annual Parish Meeting 110413.doc